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Brand guidance

Let's review your brand and make sure it is consistent & makes an impact on your dream customer

Your story

We all have a story to tell. Authentic connections are born from a shared human experience. I can help you tell your story to your dream customer


Visually align your brand with with your vision.

I build websites & specialise in personal branding 

& can manage this process for you


Hire me as your own personal marketing consultant to help you

with your marketing 

Set Yourself Up For Success With Your Very Own

Marketing Angel

 when you connect insight with stratey you get Big "O" moments

You need help with attracting new clients.


But you are standing on foreign ground and

out of your comfort zone......

with guidance from someone who understands, you can
embrace It & make it fun!

You are a heart centred creator and you are ready to get your business rocking! Your not going to let a bit of graffiti on the walls intimidate you or confuse you and throw you off your game.

You can safely step out into the spotlight and share your magical vision for the future with your dream customer:

  • But first you have to be clear on what that future looks like

  • And you need to know that there is help & guidance available so you don't have to stand their all alone

Here’s what I can do to help you with your marketing:

  • Gain insight into your current business offering & brand

  • Identify & connect with your dream customer

  • Build your business intentionally and intuitively

  • Co-create your future

  • Launch highly strategic marketing

  • Grow your tribe with a captivating brand

  • Share your authenticity with the world

  • Guide & support you through the ever-changing

       advertising minefield


client L  ve

Julie Schofield,


Brisbane, QLD

"I recently had a Skype one-on-one marketing coaching session with Melanie. I felt instantly at ease talking with her and was impressed with her insight and how she zeroed in on exactly where and what I needed to focus on order to improve my business. We found that I hadn’t clearly defined my ideal customer, which I now realise is essential.  It was a big relief that she understood me, my ethics and what I would like to achieve. I am so grateful for her expert guidance and will be re-booking for a follow up session to help stay on track".

John O'Meara,

Managing Director

Gold Coast, QLD

"The Australian Bridal Industry Academy contracted Melanie as the National Sales & Marketing Manager for a period of 2 years.

Melanie is a talented and innovative marketer, equipped to enhance any business wishing to re-invent or manage new-direction transition. She enthusiastically evaluates new ideas and gives rise to the greater vision,

bringing it to fruition. She transcends traditional approaches to generating brand awareness and increasing profitable new business. Her savvy business

acumen and professional & authentic personality make Melanie an asset to any business owner who has the desire and foresight to implement change or generate a fresh corporate brand awareness with confidence and integrity".

Kirsty Hughes,

Wellness Coach

Kempsey, NSW

"Melanie had a good look over my website and social media platforms and was able to highlight some areas where I could make simple improvements straight away to improve visitor experience. She also had some great insights on new things I could try, to spread my message in an impactful way. It was fantastic to have her trained eye look over everything."

Stephanie Beauverd, Counsellor &

Mindfulness Coach

Melbourne, VIC

"I highly recommend working with Melanie. She is super friendly, honest, and thoughtful, as well as being extremely knowledgeable. There is no fluffing around, she'll jump right into what you need to do to achieve your business goals. It is totally worth the investment. I starting taking action straight after our call, and felt much clearer and more confident about a number of things thanks to Melanie's guidance. Thanks Melanie! I was looking for someone just like you to assist me with my business! :) "

Asja Svilans,

Nutritionist, Blogger &

Wholefood Chef

Mackay, QLD

"I really enjoyed my session with Melanie.  We really worked on my second Ideal Customer Avatar, and fleshed out some options to target them which was really helpful.  In addition we spoke about the first steps I need to take to up-level my SEO now that I am in a new city.  Great insight, and information session!"

Maria Ardino

Salon Owner, Educator

Paddington, NSW

"Melanie is my in house Marketing Manager and a valuable part of my team at Ardino Salon. She looks after everything to do with Ardino Branding & bringing customers into the salon. Melanie has adapted her service to suit my needs as a busy salon owner and hairdresser. Knowing that I have Melanie to manage my marketing and generate new customers for the team is such a relief to me. She comes into the salon once a week to ensure we meet in between clients. This is so valuable to me as I am extremely 

time poor. I really don't know what

I would do without her!

   mix insight with strategy for bigOMoments



You know those moments when everything comes together and for a split second you have the perfect set of conditions for clarity, connection, timing, joy, and success?You want more of them right?


I'm talking about moments of deep insight sometimes referred to as Aha! Moments. They happen when we have the perfect exchange of energy resulting in positive and pleasurable experiences! It's those magical sweet spots where you really connect and gain something from this connection that you didn't have before.


It could be as simple as laughing with your girlfriend so hard you nearly cry or when you come up with an idea so brilliant for your business you know its going to make you a million dollars.


Big "O" Moments happen every day in our life and our biz but we can add more and more of these moments to our life and our biz by tuning in to the calling of our own soul. By really asking ourselves what we want and how we want to feel. What we want to create. And then implementing a strategy to actually make the dream a reality. So are you ready to connect in this way? Do you want to use your own intuition to steer your life towards joy & prosperity? Do you want more Big "O" Moments?


I like to collect as many Big "O" Moments in my life and my business as I possibly can and I would love to help you add some to yours. So start by hitting the blue button.



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