October 17, 2018

March 27, 2017

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"Be the Bridge" that Connects Your Dream Customer to their Vision of the Future

August 7, 2018

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What's a Soulpreneur?

June 1, 2017


If you had asked me this question 3 years ago I really wouldn't have been able to answer it. It wasn't that I wasn't spiritual and it wasn't that I wasn't entrepreneurial with lots of creative ideas either.... it was that my days were spent trying to juggle being a mother of a young child, with working in a high pressure corporate sales role, so that I could earn the money that I needed, to sustain the life I had led up to that point. 


I had a very successful career in Advertising Sales, Marketing & Brand Development and for many years I absolutely loved my job. As time went on and I was no longer happy in my job and not overly happy & fulfilled in my home life either, I wrote my word for the year in the sand and I asked for CHANGE.......I started doing Belinda Davidson's chakra meditation course and boy did I get my wish! Everything changed and not for the better! Management at work changed, my responsibilities changed, my role changed and then I lost my job and my marriage hit a major hurdle all at the same time. You see as I changed my energy I started to unlock the part of me that had been there all along....the part of me that yearned for a different way of living. A different way of feeling. I now understand that this was my soul calling out to be heard. It wanted me to start living the life of my dreams.


I wanted freedom from other peoples rules, more time with my daughter, more time to work out who I was as a person and what I wanted out of life. I wanted to explore my creative ideas and my passions and build on them and be allowed to drop the weight of carrying all of the responsibility of being an amazing mother, a loving wife, a successful salesperson and money earner and all of the other pressures that I, like many other women put on themselves every day. I was tired. Tired of trying to please other people. Tired of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations and tired of not feeling joy in every moment of my life. 


I embarked on a journey of self discovery and became a sponge for information & for everything bright and shiny! I enthusiastically enrolled in online course after online course, spiritual workshop after workshop. I meditated daily, took walks with a journal, did yoga, went to the gym, meditated some more and spent loads of money on self development tools and crystals and jewellery and oracle cards and you name it I bought it! As one does when they are spinning in the spiritual soup and distracted by the bright and shiny's......I also drank quite a few glassed of wine with the girls and had lots and lots of fun!


I now understand that my journey was a series of dot to dots. Really that's kind of what life is. It's about the journey not the destination....isn't that what they all say? But when you are dot to dotting or feel like you are jumping from one stepping stone to the next on a quest to find your life's calling....as liberating and exciting and refreshing and freeing as that is, its also important to have a tribe around you who understand you and what you are doing. Because believe me if I had a dollar for the number of times I have been told to come back to reality or just get a secure job in my life, I would be one lucky (rich) ducky!


So spiritually, emotionally and creatively I was flying! I was happy. In love with life. Free. Working on my energy and working on my business and my millions of ideas. Focussing on being a good mother and friend. Working on my relationship. Finding harmony in my life. But even amidst all this joy I was hitting rock bottom financially waiting for the clients to come. And that's when I came across Yvette Luciano & her Soulpreneurs Course



Signing up for the Soulpreneur course was by far the best decision I could have made for nurturing and developing the soul of my business. Soulpreneurs provided me with the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth as well as an amazing foundation for building a business that is aligned with my heart. The team at Soulpreneurs are accessible and there are real opportunities for joining together with the beautiful souls that make up the Soulpreneur community.

This course has opened up door after door of opportunities with events and retreats and inspirational speakers and teachers available to you to help us on this path. It provides the connection to fellow light workers and healers and experienced Soulpreneurs who have launched highly successful businesses just by being their own authentic selves and sharing their experiences.


If you want to feel connected to something much greater than yourself and grow yourself and your business in ways you never thought you could then this is the course to do. For me I always knew I was here to do something that made a real difference in peoples lives and I always yearned to work for myself at my own pace, doing something that lights me up. If that sounds like you too take it from me this will help you achieve your goal. And if you sign up using my affiliate link I am offering a Special Bonus with the opportunity to receive one on one coaching with me as well as some other great goodies worth over $500! You can read all about my special bonus offer here.



My name is Melanie O’Brien and I am proud and so grateful to be able to say that I am a Soulpreneur. So if you could use some support & guidance on your path to your dream life and business, I invite you to Join the Soulpreneur Tribe.



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