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I've created a super easy 5 Day Challenge for you to get you started on your journey to creating a brand & business that really glows so that the people who are searching for what you offer can find you easily! 


You know the best type of new lead, is an inbound lead that comes from someone who is actively searching on Google, BING or Yahoo to buy your product type or service type. It makes sense that you should do all you can to maximise the opportunity that an active shopper, looking for your type of offering presents. The Let's GLOW Challenge will take you through the basics to ensure you increase your chance of being found in these searches. 



The Lets Glow Challenge is for you if you are:

  • A Business Owner or new business start up, person responsible for attracting clients in a business or working for someone and thinking about going out on your own

  • Searching for some information about marketing and branding

  • Wanting to attract new clients

  • Confused about all of the marketing options and how it all fits together

  • Waiting for the phone to ring but it just isn't

  • Limited by budget and need some help

  • Frustrated and confused by all of the Free PDF's you have downloaded

  • Wishing someone would just tell you what to do


No matter what stage you are at this 5 Day Challenge is designed to move you out of where you are now and closer to where you want to be......Glowing in all of the right searches so that your potential clients can find you easily when they are actively searching.



It contains some of the fundamentals that we teach in our "Light Up Your Business 8 Week Online & Coaching Program" and "Beam Biz Collective Academy" to start you on the right path and get the basics right.



The challenge is to actually complete the tasks each of the 5 Days and report your progress in the Beam Biz Co Facebook Group. At the end of the 5 Days - I want to see you Glow! If you increase your presence online and begin appearing in the right searches or even better if you get a new client then let us know. All Glowing Reviews provided have the chance to win $500 off the Light It Up Program & 3 months FREE access to the Beam Biz Collective.



So are you ready? Get Set....Let's GLOW!


join Beam Biz collective

Enrolments Open Now!

To Beam is to shine brightly, to radiate in a certain direction. A beam of light, shiny, radiating, glittering, gleaming, twinkling, flashing & shimmering. 


Enrol in the Beam Biz Collective  & receive Brand & Biz coaching and advice from professional industry experts! The purpose of the Beam Biz Collective is to shine a light on you and your business. To light up your business so that you can light up the lives of those who need you! 


Your Monthly Membership to the Beam Biz Collective is only $15 a month until 1st March when the rate will increase to $35 a month. That's still less that $10 a week to access thousands of dollars worth of precious marketing advice from expert marketers and be a part of a tribe of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are taking control of their own marketing strategy. Being able to have questions answered by a marketing expert without being charged hundreds of dollars every time is all the value you need to make this small investment.


 "With knowledge comes power".....the power to control the future of your business.

If you choose to understand what needs to be done to build a successful brand & marketing strategy that attracts the right clients: 

  • you will never be short of leads

  • you will never be in the dark & confused about marketing 

  • you will be able to make informed decisions

  • you will save alot of money

  • you will avoid many mistakes

  • you will attract the right type of clients

  • you will build a successful business


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