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I'm incredibly proud to say that I am a Soulpreneur who is stepping out from behind the brand names of the other businesses I have created and presenting myself to the world as me

....Melanie O'Brien.

I'm a fun loving gal who loves to collect as many

#BigOMoments in my life and my biz as possible!

To me, it's all about the O because it represents

Limitless Opportunity.

And like many others who are stepping forward to answer the call of their hearts and create soulful businesses

I wish to make a valuable contribution to society.

I can no longer exist in the corporate world where, sadly, sometimes targets and sales matter more than people do.

I want to help people

The one truly important and special thing that I know I do well is connect with people. This is my super power!

This is why I was at the top of my game in advertising sales....I was in fact an award winning sales gun!  And I was rewarded with

trips to exotic locations around the world for my success!


I owe my success in sales to a few simple but key factors:

  •  I had a crystal clear vision of what it was I was aiming for in my mind 

  • I had world class training and a kick ass strategy

  • I had amazing mentors who guided, supported and encouraged me

  • I had fun and I absolutely loved my work

  • I cared about my customers and used empathy to connect with them and I truly wanted to help them

Now if you think you would benefit from some honest feedback and insightful guidance from an experienced connector who shares your vision of doing what you love and helping others in the process, please reach out to me. I am someone who truly wants to help you make your business goals and dreams for the future a reality. We share a common goal. So let's work together and have some fun in the process! It all starts with connection.

So are you ready to connect with me?

Biz guidance

Let's review your business & brand and make sure it is consistent & effective enough to attract your dream customer

Your story

We all have a story to tell. Authentic connections are born from a shared human experience. I can help you tell your story to your dream customer


Visually align your brand with with your vision.

I run graphics through

a  sista company

and can manage this process for you


Hire me as your own personal marketing consultant

Ready to kick some biz goals with me? 

Start here 

Only $150 

Only $150 

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