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Light Up your business

Enrolments Open Now!

Enrol in the  Light It Up  course & receive Your First Lesson FREE in May/June 2020.

Light It Up - Illuminate Your Brand with

Why do this course?


A few years ago I was looking to make the change from Corporate Advertising Sales & Marketing and create a business that would give me FREEDOM. Freedom to be me. Freedom to work from wherever I wanted. Freedom to have more time with my daughter. Freedom to not have to sit in traffic for hours getting to work. Freedom that allows my soul to lead me towards the purpose I'm here to fullfill. I did several online courses and coaching programs with various Lightworkers & Changemakers including, Marie Forleo's B School, Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic, Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map & Firestarter Sessions, Rebecca Campbell's Light is the New Black Workshops and  Yvette Luciano's Soulpreneur & Event Success Courses......just to name a few! You could say I was really searching for a major change in the way I was living my life and I feel so blessed to have been able to reach out to and connect with these beautiful women who have all created prosperous businesses by speaking their truth and shining a light for the others to follow. 


The Soulpreneur course was so much more than a business course, it was a gateway to a wildly abundant, happy and fulfilling life and business! This course provided me with the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth as well as an amazing foundation for building a business that is aligned with my heart. I can honestly say that joining a tribe of like minded Soulpreneurs was one of the most empowering decisions of my life! Sadly this course is no longer available but thanks to the inspiration I received in my time as a Soulpreneur I have now created a course that will allow you to experience the same level of connectedness and inspiration with the addition of all of my own experience and expertise in the field of Advertising Sales, Brand Development & Marketing. I have over 20 years experience in Advertising Agencies, Media, Digital Marketing, Magazines and I have worked with literally thousands of Australian Businesses to develop marketing strategies that generate them new customers.


I am so incredibly proud to say that I  can now offer you a course that embodies all of the positives from all of the courses and retreats and trainings I have experienced in my lifetime and combines all of the hands on knowledge I gained in over 20 years of employment in Advertising & Marketing. I have also included all of the important learnings that relate to being in total alignment with your soul for optimum flow and prosperity. If you are ready to shine a light on your big beautiful business and start attracting the right kind of customers who will keep coming back for more, then this course will Light Up Your Business.


Join the Light It Up Online Course in the month of May/June and receive an amazing bonus from me worth over $500!


The Light it Up Course will help you :

  • Get crystal clarity and confidence with a step by step marketing strategy for growing a successful business

  • Step out from behind the brand of your business or one you work for and shine a light on the heart and soul of your own business

  • Create connections with dream customers so that you can increase your sales and grow your profits

  • Feel a part of something greater than yourself, surrounded and connected to a community of industry leading Soulpreneurs, Change Makers and Entrepreneurs

  • Build a brand and business around my your own unique gifts and help others

  • Build your marketing plan strategically knowing that you are guided every step of the way by an expert in digital marketing, branding and sales

  • Spread your Marketing Budget further and learn how to shine a light on what you are offering without relying on others to do it for you

  • Take control of your Marketing and follow a tried and tested plan rather than trying to work it all out for yourself


How does this offer work?

You sign up for the Light it Up Course right now and start when you are ready. The online course runs for 8 weeks. This course is a combination of online tutorials, a facebook group with group coaching and one on one coaching for when you feel you need some one on one support or guidance with your business, your branding or your marketing.

The special offer running at the moment to help you get through the Covid-19 Pandemic is The First Lesson Free!

Light It Up - shine with soul, illuminat

How exciting! I am so happy to be able to offer you this because there is so much value in having someone to bounce your ideas off and provide expert guidance & support and to hold you accountable with your activity. So please sign up here to receive the Light it Up Course + Special Covid-19 First Lesson FREE Offer before June 30, 2020.

together we light it up

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Light it Up  is for you if you want to:

Earn an income doing something you love? YES Please!

Step out of confusion and into action? YES Please!

Shine a light on your business or brand? YES Please!

Learn how to attract more customers? YES Please!

Create & Implement an effective marketing strategy? YES Please!

Learn how to bring your soul into your business? YES Please?

Learn the art of authentic self expression? YES Please!

Join a community of inspiring Beam Biz Babes? YES Please!

Learn how to set up an effective online presence? YES Please!

Working with me will be great for you if you would also like:

Access to a Marketing Expert who has been where you are now? YES Please!

Help with getting to the heart of your soulful business offering? YES Please!

A step by step strategic marketing plan that you can follow? YES Please!

A mentor who can guide you on this amazing journey to a soulful & successful business? YES Please!

Ready to Light it up?

Light it Up is right for you if you:

Are you a coach or practitioner ready to guide more clients and change their lives?

Or a teacher, presenter or yoga instructor dreaming of classes and a community full of eager and engaged students?

Maybe you want to share your unique story as a best selling author, blogger or speaker?

Or a designer, copywriter or virtual assistant eager to attract an abundance of soulfully aligned clients?

Perhaps you are a creative spirit who dreams of lighting up the world with your words, food, music or art?

Are you a business owner who is in business to do what you love and light up the lives of others?

Do you have a passion, no matter what that is and your business exists to provide a service?


Whether you are just starting out in business or you have an idea for a business that you haven't quite developed yet this course will set you up with the fundamentals and save you time, frustration & money.

It will fast track you from a place of uncertainty to one of direction.

Every step on the journey is a step towards the successful business of your dreams but if you want to  save yourself some time & learn from someone who has been there you're in the right place!

Light it Up Plus Melanie O'Brien's 

Special Bonus Offer (with Full Coaching Program including one on one coaching)

Bonus No 1:
3 x 1 hour Brand & Biz Guidance Sessions with me
via Skype (Valued at $450)

These sessions are for you if you:

  • Would appreciate some personal support and guidance on your journey towards your dream life and business

  • Would like to talk about your dream for your business and get crystal clear on your targets & goals

  • Would benefit from one on one focus on your business or idea for your business and help getting clear on next steps

  • Would like help visualising or developing your idea for your brand, making it shiny as possible & attractive to your dream customer

  • Have little to no clue about marketing or advertising, copywriting, graphic design and no strategy for the promotion of your business or you need guidance to expand on what you already have in place

  • Need help getting to know your dream customer 

  • Just want to look at where you could possibly add a little creative magic to make the brand shine brighter

  • Just need someone keeping you moving and holding you accountable 

  • Would appreciate a fellow Soulpreneur with over 20 years experience in Advertising Sales & Marketing and Brand Development to mentor you & help you promote your business

Bonus No 2:
Attend 1 Free Light Up Your Business Workshop 
 (Valued at $55)

This workshop is for Biz Babes who want to:

  • Want to come together with other entrepreneurial women in biz 

  • Learn tips from Marketing experts about Social Media, Branding and Attracting Dream Customers

  • Want to connect with the energy of your business and align yourself with it for prosperity

Bonus No 3:
Access to Special Light It Up Facebook Group with Weekly Group Coaching & Offers for a Network of Marketing Services at Discounted Rates 
(Valued at $$$$)

This facebook group will:

  • Provide you with a community of like minded Biz Babes who are keen to share their knowledge

  • Provide you with access to additional marketing information and strategies designed to help you grow your business

  • Provide you with contacts and discounts on marketing services to guide you on your journey

Ready to Light up your business & attract more clients? 

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Important Bonus Information

You are eligible to receive Melanie's bonus gifts listed above ONLY if you register for Light it Up in March and are paid in full by the time you redeem.

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